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Originally Posted by xBNSFer View Post
There's nothing "correct" about rejecting backlit photos to begin with, and they don't do so consistently - there's backlit photos a plenty on this site. Nothing wrong with the shot.
The backlit rejection is clearly a subjective thing. As noted, there are tons of backlit shots on Sometimes, backlit MAKES the shot. It is all a matter of how it strikes the viewer, if that viewer happens to be a screener and the call is his. The current PoTW is backlit. I like the scene, but I would probably have edited it a little differently.

Here's a nice one from my friend Mitch that I saw just this AM:

Image © Mitch Goldman
PhotoID: 770989
Photograph © Mitch Goldman

That's big-time backlit, but the shot would not have the impact that it does if the sun was behind the photographer.

I think the lighting in Joe's shot is fine. As noted previously, I think that shot has other issues that may have tipped the balance in the screener's mind, and the backlit rejection was handy.

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