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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
Congrats to Hunter on his first SC. I really believe it is good to spread out awards when possible.

What I like is he took was not that great of scene and made something out of it. I also think it is an honest view. It is one thing to to get a SC in the Rockies, Santa Barbara, Arizona etc and quite another to get one from a siding in Oklahoma. (i might have got rid of wires) tho).

Going back to Joe's, if it were rejected for backlit because it simply was not something the screener liked, that creates confusion and resentment. Maybe there should be another rejection a little less severe than PAQ? rather that use backlit, too much noise, color cast etc leaving people wondering?????

Bob Jordan
The wires are a major distraction, but I'm not a screener.......... (nor would I ever want to be)
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