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Freericks, I've run into LEO's before. I was railfanning at Taft Yard just south of Downtown Orlando and I kept going back and forth between 2 spots, 1 to see the switching and a second spot to catch an intermodal train that comes off the main at the center of taft yard. I came back down from the "intermodal spot" and noticed a person come out of his SUV in a suit and tie just looking around by the main. It was a CSX officer, and someone tipped off that I was there. Forgot to mention, there is an old road that terminates right at that switch that the intermodal trains use to enter the yard. Anyway, I jumped back into my car and raced down there to talk him and I interduced myself to him. He said someone saw me there and called. He was ok with me being there and he was just doing his job. I even whipped out my modelrailroad club ID and showed it to him. He thanked me for coming down and telling him I was there. He then gave me his card, told me if I ever see something that doesnt look right to please call him. We shaked hands, he said he loves having you railfans out here, railfans are loyal to the host railroad and we dont mess with things.
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