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Originally Posted by DWHonan View Post
Sorry, TRF, but what you state is inaccurate. Two-way radios capable of transmitting on the AAR band can be legally purchased by anyone; before I got my ham ticket, I purchased a two-way from a reputable online dealer and was not asked to provide a call sign. It is the actual act of transmitting in the band without authorization (e.g., being a railroad employee) is illegal.
If it is not programmed with RR channels like when you bought it or at least not able to transmit on them if they are in for the purpose of railfanning, it is then not capable. My FD radio is "capable" in your terms if I program it to be.

Bottom line: If you railfan with a "radio", cut the tongue out of it like I did in my "play" radio. Then it is not capable.
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