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Originally Posted by DWHonan View Post
Sorry, TRF, but what you state is inaccurate. Two-way radios capable of transmitting on the AAR band can be legally purchased by anyone; before I got my ham ticket, I purchased a two-way from a reputable online dealer and was not asked to provide a call sign. It is the actual act of transmitting in the band without authorization (e.g., being a railroad employee) is illegal.
I see what you are saying David! I will re-phrase, nobody ( reputable ) will sell you a pre-programmed railroad radio without an FCC license, that is illegal. Was your radio pre-programmed with other than Citizen or Ham frequencies? Here is the next question, why would you want one and risk it? Trust me, to a railroader you will not look "cool" or trusted. Just buy a scanner and be done with it! With that all said, the cops still had every right to confiscate the OP's radio!!

P.S. Have you ever smoked weed? Yeah, but... I didn't inhale... Yeah, okay.... Pretty much same theory with the radio here folks!

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