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Originally Posted by TheRoadForeman View Post
The information that I provided was totally inaccurate and I am sorry for leading astray...
You seem to do that pretty often. Must be a railroader thing and their attitude of "I'm right no matter what". While Dave made many accurate points, I would still like to comment on your irrelevant comment stating that us "railfans", buy the radios for a "coolness" factor. That comment in itself is quite inaccurate, and bluntly, ridiculous since many of us have stated we bought the amateur/commercial radios simply to receive better reception. Any HAM radio will do at least 5X better than the best handheld scanner. That is a proven fact that I've read from many accurate sources. I can personally say on my behalf that I am far more satisfied with the performance of my HAM over a scanner that I previously used.

Your comment stating we (again, speaking on the behalf of the railfans) should buy scanners and be "done with it" is again, inaccurate, as there is no rule saying we're not allowed to purchase radios. Obviously, common sense would tell you that transmitting is not allowed without an FCC license, regardless if you're transmitting over a HAM frequency or an AAR channel.

Perhaps you're not directing us (the other people who have stated in this thread that they've purchased an amateur/commercial simply for an upgrade in reception) on the behalf of the "coolness" factor, but it definitely seemed that way and I wanted to clarify that and express my own opinion.

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