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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
Whoa there, partner, I'm going to need my sunglasses for that! While the OP's processing isn't that great, the colors in his shot look a lot more natural than what you came up with.
Right Jim. Something in between is what is really needed. The original image was pretty dull. I don't have a histogram available on this computer, but I am pretty convinced that I wouldn't like what I see. It is no wonder that it got the high-sun hook from the RP Staff. Bob's attempt at making it pop perhaps went a bit too far.

I think that with proper raw processing, it might just pass muster. To avoid a cropping rejection, I would also clip some off the bottom and the top. If this were mine, I would go with a 3:5 crop....and yes, they do take that. I use it a lot.

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