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Default Removing flare

A photo that I shot this morning led me to realize that I don't know of a specific way to do this effectively. I shot this train using continuous shooting (my normal routine), and this version turned out...

Image © Carl Becker
PhotoID: 376405
Photograph © Carl Becker

...but all the ones after it showed flare, like the one I'm attaching (don't judge the crop, etc, I just cut it to upload it here). If the flare hadn't shown up, I perhaps would have used a different version here, but was obviously unable to. This was taken with the Canon 55-250, BTW, which is obviously not the best handler of flare. I tried numerous techniques to try to remove it, including the spot healer in DPP, which just left me with ugly splotches in the trees, or plow, depending on the shot. Does anyone else have specific ideas here?

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