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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
This is probably a case where the screener can't win for losing.
Nope. Either stay consistent and reject all images that are unlevel by more then .01 degrees OR, loosen up and accept any and all images so long as they are within a whole whopping full pubic hairs to the wall degree.

Now personally, I have no problem with admins desire for absolute perfection. However, some of these unlevel rejections are to such a degree that they are obvious only to those elite members of the human race with a highly acute sense of balance attained through a genetically enhanced vestibular system of the inner ear. For those of us who do not benefit from such a finely tuned biology, I would think it would be in admin's best interest to specify clockwise or counterclockwise at the bare minimum. A reference point would be nice too.

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