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Originally Posted by ShortlinesUSA View Post
I honestly have thought several times that NS may consider "reshortlining" that one in a PSR world. It already operates like a shortline. I believe the crews' paychecks are even from the CW (or were).

NS has historically tended to hang onto local operations longer than other Class 1s. Maybe that will change; maybe it won't. But every time I watch them run the old Chattanooga Traction here in town, it operates so much like a shortline it's amazing. Has its own little yard office, assigned power, crew reports there (not brought over by PTI from DeButts Yard or originate there), and works daylight hours M-F only.

As you can imagine, this is one of the most senior jobs in town, as well...
Unfortunately the CW train operations are currently controlled by train master at the Shenandoah yard and the current TM at the helm is full bore PSR. The decades long normal CW operations of Sunday to Friday, daylight hours went out the window the minute he took over. New operations are now 7 days a week and variable hours. No empties sitting anywhere even if it means running 20 miles for 1 empty car. Power was decreased from 4 to 2 loco's on hand and the yard hardly ever has anything in it. The "mom and pop" business/treatment atmosphere went by the way side as well. The crews are still friendly but "its just a job" now.
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