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I also wonder if this image might benefit from a 3:5 crop. That would shave a bit off the top and bottom, eliminating some of the more featureless areas and leaving all of the more detailed portions totally intact. I use the 3:5 quite a bit. It's actually my favorite format, as I tend to go pretty wide fairly often.

BTW, this whole saturation discussion is an interesting one. It would seem that some folks are not okay with a mid-day shot like this one exhibiting a little bit of extra saturation and/or vibrance, yet it seems to be "Katie-bar-the-door" when we get within an hour of sunrise or sunset. Is that where the line is? When is it okay to get "artsy-fartsy?" What about cloudy day shots? As photographers, I think we all know that without liberal use of shadows and highlights, most cloudy day shots would be just a muddy mess. Making them look totally real takes some real editing talent. Where are the lines? Why is the OP's image not okay, but the sunset that looks like a nuclear test is fine?

I should start another thread that would maybe generate some interest here on the forums. It seems like there's perhaps a dozen of us who regularly participate, but clearly, a lot more people are just lurking.

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