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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
I also wonder if this image might benefit from a 3:5 crop. That would shave a bit off the top and bottom, eliminating some of the more featureless areas and leaving all of the more detailed portions totally intact. I use the 3:5 quite a bit. It's actually my favorite format, as I tend to go pretty wide fairly often.

BTW, this whole saturation discussion is an interesting one. It would seem that some folks are not okay with a mid-day shot like this one exhibiting a little bit of extra saturation and/or vibrance, yet it seems to be "Katie-bar-the-door" when we get within an hour of sunrise or sunset. Is that where the line is? When is it okay to get "artsy-fartsy?" What about cloudy day shots? As photographers, I think we all know that without liberal use of shadows and highlights, most cloudy day shots would be just a muddy mess. Making them look totally real takes some real editing talent. Where are the lines? Why is the OP's image not okay, but the sunset that looks like a nuclear test is fine?

I should start another thread that would maybe generate some interest here on the forums. It seems like there's perhaps a dozen of us who regularly participate, but clearly, a lot more people are just lurking.


After trying it, 5x3 does seem a fairly nice choice. It's a bit of a mid point between a standard and a panoramic frame, which would seem to fit well.

Taking the 14x9 crop to 5x3, I didn't like how it was cutting that somewhat prominent cloud midway. Biasing upwards a bit, put the locomotive exactly at 1/3.

Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_1581 Small 5x3 Crop.jpg
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Just to be sure, I assume you were thinking of a composition such as this, versus placing the average directly in the middle (as the very first "oversaturated" image was composed)?

For what it's worth, this actually wasn't a mid day shot. The camera is looking SE, and the time is right around 7:30 PM. Even so, that's about 1'15" before sunset, so, being outside of an hour, it gets the hammer!

On another note, this photo was taken off of the same dirt road two days later, at about the same time of day. Centered in frame, but has a perfect reflection.

Image © Benjamin R.
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Photograph © Benjamin R.

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