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so hey, do you have ANY shots that aren't from an overpass? i've rocked the YYZ a few times, and there's plenty of track-level, non-boring-passenger stuff to shoot. unless you are handcuffed to that bridge, why not stretch your legs a little bit, see what else your fine city has to offer, and change things up a little bit.

as for the forums, showing up guns blazing seems to be a silly way to play the game. not only do you lack the wit to keep up with the folks who populate this particular section of the internet, but your spelling, while it has improved slightly in the six (six? seriously? i know, right.) pages of this post, does nothing but make your motordrive images of 3/4 of a cab car that much more of a subject of ridicule.

some unsolicited advice? sure, no problem! check out what other people are submitting, and having accepted, to rp. this may be old news at this point, but seriously - measure your shots against even the most rampant boring shot champions on here, and seriously reflect on your attitude over the past few days. you'll get there, in time.

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FINE how about something more productive then? ill go to the telus VIA F40PH and a GO MP40
lou capwell.

i probably chase faster than you.
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