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I have no idea how in the hell i missed this.... All i want to say(and yes i know its late but oh well) theres no reason to get pissed when RP reject's alot of your photos and knocks you down to only uploading 1 photo a day, i went through the same thing a year or so ago blew up on the site and started yelling at the screeners because i was knocked down on uploads and no appealing rights it wasnt worth it just made me look like a ass. Trust me its not worth it, it doesnt get you anywhere just makes you look like a powdy little kid, i know you were mad at the time but i mean this is suppose to be for fun am i right? Everyone has a reject every now and then but you will get better as time rolls on. Since my decline in uploads i have had 100-150 added to the site and plenty of rejects

Good luck with your photography in the Future, you will get the hang of it.

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