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Originally Posted by spacetrain1983 View Post
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Today, I got this shot of a UP manifest train leaving the yard, probably around 2:15 PM. Before I even took the shot, I knew that the sun was at a bad angle.

The following is constructive criticism, the intention is to help you learn (just as I did.)

You did well to size up the light and understand it just wasn't working for the shot you had in mind. But, you took the shot anyway. What I suggest you now work on is self discipline. You look at a scene, analyze the light, and then come up with a shot that DOES work with the light. You resist wasting time on shots that you know in advance will NOT work and instead put that time & effort into clearing your mind so it will be able to put together a shot that will work.

Last Saturday I was out driving along the RCPE tracks in central South Dakota. I was gone nearly 14 hours and drove about 500 miles. The light was difficult for the kind of landscape shots I wanted. I ended up taking only about eight shots the entire day. Three were of trains, five were of tractors & combines out working the wheat harvest. One of the shots was taken after dark, and I consider it the best one. I passed on more shots than I took.

Kent in SD
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