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Originally Posted by JimThias View Post
Keep pushing on and keep practicing. Always shoot for yourself first and if you have something that RP will accept, great!

The composition for your rejected photo is pretty solid. While it's merely a basic wedgie, I find it appealing due to the rock structures. With the right lighting and some fall colors, it can become a very good photo location.
Jim, the rock structures is why I picked this spot to photograph. The upcropping of these "Blue stones" is a common sight in this area so much that we have numerous quarries around here and they are often a normal construction obstacle. While most locals would over look this as a scenic spot, I preferred it for its natural "Blue" beauty.

I revisited the spot this morning and got some more shots in but the fall colors just are not there yet and I had the "Common power" Dash 9 today.

Ironic that another suggestion was to back up away from that location as I did just that this morning But I turn the shot down as the crossing lights was in the shot and took away from the distance train approaching.

Thanks again to everybody's tips and suggestions as it helps to think outside the box especially with the limited locations this little short line can be photographed
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