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Originally Posted by Daniel SIMON View Post
My picture has been rejected a few days ago, so yes, I am upset.

Don't get me wrong. I am not upset because Jean-Marc's picture has been accepted (this shot deserves to be in the database), but I am upset by the inconsistency of the screening process !
I don't see any inconsistency at all. Jean-Marc already posted the image that should be accepted. Had you posted the same one, it may have been rejected for "similar to previous." (in that case you could just resubmit it in six months or so) However, nothing is happening in your image and there is no reason it should be added.

I'd liken it to an accepted shot of a train passing, and then the next one of the same exact scene sans train being rejected because nothing is happening.

By the way, if you were standing next to him, why didn't you submit a shot of the guy working the levers?
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