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Originally Posted by Daniel MINACA View Post
What about this subject where I don't really see any differences about thousand pictures posted in a week and where 80% are cloudy ?
This train is beautiful and have really an intersest but accepting all cloudy is very strange...
Hi Daniel,

Just because I don't post everything I shot from a charter or an event doesn't mean that others won't do it. I try not to bore the audience and I use the view-counts to tell me when they're getting sick of a particular subject. If the audience is getting sick of an event, and I still have what I consider to be good shots from that event, I will hold them for months or years until they're "fresh" again.

Some folks don't care about view-counts or audience reaction. Perhaps they just want them "out there", or perhaps they are trying to build a portfolio. Everyone has their own reasons for posting here. When it comes to events and charters, RP has shown a lot of tolerance for saturated coverage, including multiple similar shots, cloudy, dark, whatever. News trumps the normal rules. Look at some of the shots of new paint schemes, etc. Sometimes the first photos are awful when compared to subsequent ones in better light, but news is news.

As for this particular event, I admit to not having clicked on a single one. In general, diesels and electrics don't interest me much, unless they are elements in a particularly interesting/pretty scene, or unless the paint scheme is particularly attractive. This scheme might have been historic, but it was not much of an eye-catcher.

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