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Originally Posted by troy12n View Post
A lot of people would have loved to be there, as, especially on CSX, things like this are so infrequent. Yeah, the Santa train still runs, and ran when most of that part of the Clinchfield didn't have any through traffic the last couple years, but for CSX, which has been anti-steam and seemingly anti-anything not their locomotive the last 20 or so years to do this, it was a big deal.

I'm glad I got to shoot 611 the last couple years, the rumors I am hearing is that NS isn't letting it run anymore.
It was a fun weekend. I went down with my oldest son and just did our own thing.

As for 611... NS isn't directly supporting it being ran. They will allow it to run anywhere that Amtrak runs this year though. There's some interesting conversations going on regarding where 611 may end up next year (and the years after that). Stay tuned.

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