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Default NWO September 2019

In an attempt to add content on the forum to keep it somewhat alive, I went to Northwest Ohio last again last week. Arrived at 1500 on Thursday the 19th and did the normal routine (eat pizza from the three pizza establishments in town, burn lots of pallets in the firepit, sleep very little, solve the worlds problems with good friends, etc).

Traffic is down like everywhere else on CSX, but Deshler still maintains close to a 50 / 24 hours average. Current operations have only a handful of true NB and SB movements across the diamond on the Toledo Sub with the remaining movements 'turning the corners'. The NW transfer however only sees one slop manifest land barge every morning between 0400 and 0700.

NWO terminal (North Baltimore Intermodal Facility) is busier than ever after nearly dying during the HH regime. In addition to the block swapping and container movements, the majority of mainline crew changes take place there. NWO was clustered at some point everyday I was up there, and trains would get to hangout on the mainline until it flushed. Crew changes are also happening in Deshler for Cincy and Garrett trains on / off the Toledo Sub. CPLs still stand around Deshler for the foreseeable future as well.

Left for home on Sunday. Saw / Photographed 128 trains during the trip.

And now a couple photos:

The rest are in my new additions folder on my website that is in my signature.

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