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A couple of quick comments.....

With regard to focus lock, I have definitely found that the AF on some cameras really doesn't work well when pointed at train headlights. It can hunt and sometimes fire at an inappropriate setting, or just hunt hopelessly. That can even happen with pro bodies. Sometimes, you need to pick a spot away from the nose of the train in order to get an accurate AF lock.

With regard to exposure...... Both of these images look overexposed to me. Check out the ballast, especially in the second one. It just looks like bright, white limestone. Perhaps it was bright, white limestone, but I'm guessing not. I'd back both of these down by at least 1/3rd of a stop and see what they look like. I used to regularly make my images too bright. A couple of years back, it suddenly dawned on me that by dialing back a bit, my contrast got better, my colors looked richer and images were just easier on the eyes.

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