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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
A couple of quick comments.....

With regard to exposure...... Both of these images look overexposed to me. Check out the ballast, especially in the second one. It just looks like bright, white limestone. Perhaps it was bright, white limestone, but I'm guessing not. I'd back both of these down by at least 1/3rd of a stop and see what they look like.
Kevin, on the first, I was in MF for precisely that reason. I thought the milepost marker looked good and also the hopper ribs. Since the engine nose was between those two points, all was good. To shoot at f8 caused my ISO to go to 2000. Maybe I have too much noise.

Both shots and the accepted one all show snow on the ground, due to overnight flurries. The going away shot ballast hasn’t seen the rays of the sun yet so the snow was a little denser there.

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