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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
I don't think you are getting that second one in. (I've been wrong before though)
It does appear so, but what's up with "Uncorrected Reupload"? This is the second time I got that in spite of a clearly edited photo and a note to screeners clearly stating what was edited. And again I'm left wondering if I got some new restriction for some real or perceived violation I'm not even aware of (the last time was followed by a reduction of my daily submission limit).

I seriously don't get the thinking of the runners of this site. Interpreting the canned rejection messages is sometimes like divination, there appear to be way too many rules not stated anywhere to users (and only guessed about here on the forums due to lack of communication), and little of the welcoming attitude promised to new users (again the lack of communication). There is the suggestion to seek advice in the forums, which I did several times with success (including a photo last week which the screeners accepted upon its fifth re-upload) and again in this instance, but if I got docked now then it's for following the advice...
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