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I am with agreeance on this subject matter with most people. I think that this story is a fake, just something to get us all ri'led up about. I really dont care even if it is a real story anyways. But to me it seems weird that they took the guy to a prison, not just a police station or even the amtrak office. They made the guy suit up in the orange suit as well. That only happens after a trail.

That in it self says a fake. Plus Amtrak personnal are usually used to handling these kind of people. Thats why many people take Amtrak not becuase of the transportation but because of the expeiriance and the trains.

Also, why didnt the other employees say something, not stick up for the guy but mabey say something like, "he only wanted a picture".

Whatever, at first when i read this i was pissed but after i gave it some thought i figured it was a fake story.

All the cops and security i have ever ran into just was wondering what i was up to. A soon as they looked at my car and saw all the train stuff they figured i was legit. I have only been kicked off the railroad once out of 10 different confintations in 5 years. I hope i dont have any like this.

I try and educate the police about our hobby, rather then just argue or look stupid. I pull out the magizines and show them what we do. Plus it helps to have a huge lens!
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