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Originally Posted by DWHonan View Post
Edit: Looks like Jon and I were scribbling at the same time. Nevertheless...

...blah blah blah DPSG blah blah blah:

There is nothing more authentic to ex-Pennsy mainlines east of HBG than the old catenary support structures! (And I mean "support" in the more liberal sense.)

Anyway, assuming you're still going to go ahead and clone out the pole, I hope you do a real good job getting rid of the wires, too, because otherwise somebody's going to notice that seven parabolas are ending at arbitrary points in the sky.

Really, the point of what the respondents to your posts are trying to get you to accomplish is to create better compositions in the field, not rely on post-processing to remove detracting elements.
So how do some of those extremly post processed Knapp shots make it on here?
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