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Originally Posted by EJONC55 View Post
I have posted several old slides from the 1950-1980's that have been well received. But many have been rejected because of too much noise. Does that mean only digital photos are readily acceptable? Yes, my Kodachrome slides have low grain but other film has relatively low grain which I don't think is objectionable. I have a high definition computer screen and I don't think my slides are high in grain when I view them before submitting them. Am I too tolerant or are the reviewers demanding too much of old slides ? Ed
A) tons of scanned slide shots from that era on RP
b) I personally welcome any RP demand that posters of slide shots do some improvements to them
c) if anything I would say RP is highly inconsistent as I sometimes see scanned slide shots that have extreme issues that seem correctable, and then others don't get accepted and people come to the forum to ask why not

Show us a few of your shots - preferably by providing the URLs to the rejection pages - and let us have a look, please.
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