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As a long-time slide shooter who worked his way up learning photo processing by trial and error, I approach my editing quite a bit differently than by using selective editing, as Loyd suggests, but there's nothing wrong with his methods if you are skilled in PS.

I scan using a Plustek scanner and Vuescan. I only adjust the image for exposure and white balance in Vuescan.

I use Lightroom, and other than dust spot removal and blurring of the sky with the adjustment wand to eliminate pixilation, all of my adjustments are global. Kodachromes have a good amount of contrast, and I have found that it is best to remove contrast with some of the levels sliders, and build it back in with others. I won't tell you exactly what I do, especially since you use different processing SW, but you can play around with that thought and develop your own technique. I will also add that I usually edit to a point, export a TIFF image, and reimport the image for some final editing.

Dark noses are tough, but I have had some accepted using these techniques. I would doubt that it would be acceptable for roster shots such as this one, however.
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