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Originally Posted by ddavies
Look at your images before you bother to submit, please. Any time I have a back-side lit (sun lights the side, but not the nose), I very carefully select the nose of the engine and increase the brightness and contrast (just a little ~10-20). This is the same as dodging a print in the darkroom.
I saw that the image being discussed (CSX #531) did get accepted. However, unless the subject is something unusual that can't be easily shot again, the work involved in lightening the nose hardly seems worth it. I've never been to the location where the photo was taken, but I'm going to guess that coal trains with CSX AC44's run by there all day long. Instead of taking a photo with a dark nose, then trying to lighten the nose, why not return to the location at a time of day when the nose is lit and re-take the photo ?
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