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Avoid; the last few years their color reproduction has been absolutely horrible. In 2008 I ended up with 90 free poorly-printed copies of my calendar because in three attempts they were unable to match the perfect colors in the proof copy I had made for my 30-copy bulk order, and then they subsequently refunded what I had paid in the first place. I haven't used them since.

CafePress has done a pretty good job for me the last two years (here's my 2010 calendar), but as you point out the unit price is fairly high (before creator markup: $16.99/each, bulk discount of $11.04/each at 15+ copies). This year they also had an issue reproducing shadow details in large areas of dark colors; I originally used this photo for November...
Image © David Honan
PhotoID: 269323
Photograph © David Honan

...but when all the trees were reduced to giant blue/green blobs I had to swap it out for the following shot (also used on the cover):
Image © David Honan
PhotoID: 298702
Photograph © David Honan

I've heard good things about Mpix but don't have any experience with their calendars (though their large prints are spectacular). I'm hesitant to use them, though, because their prices are pretty high -- $20/each, and you have to order 51-100 to get a bulk discount of $15.40/each. I'm also not sure if Mpix has print-on-demand services for the general public to use for purchasing copies, which is a benefit of Lulu and CafePress.
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