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I in no way intended to imply that all art has to be negative. I guess I should have put the word "art" in quotation marks to communicate I was attempting to be ironic in this specific case. The reason for that is he has taken something I was familiar with (I used to live less than 20 miles from there) and set it on an angle that I have difficulty recognizing, about 45 degrees CW from what it looks like when looking straight down on it from the tower. Also the drab lack of tonality in this (almost purely) black and white rendition, while nicely emphasizing the graphic lines and geometric shapes of the composition, just doesn't work for me as a whole. You must remember J, I'm old-fashioned. I think of art as something nice to hang on a wall and admire. So if you're talking about the likes of Picasso or Warhol as "art" I don't relate. Some abstract stuff I do find enjoyable, but mostly it just seems pretentious to me. Like you said, "Different tastes"!
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