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Originally Posted by miningcamper1 View Post
Wowwww! Best RR shot I've seen in a while!
What did the guardians of standards have to say about it?
Do you post photos on another site?
That was actual photo from rejection post which is about to run out.
Poor Aesthetic Quality: This rejection means that the photo is of low aesthetic qualities, does not contain enough rail-related content, or is simply not the type of material we wish to publish.
I also tried another fog photo at Dubuque, too dark. It was a little personal as it was one of my last trips with my old dog, to any area I really like.
Never posted that anywhere else, just kind of sitting on it but I read the thread about photos in rain etc and a little leeway so I thought, I got
one of those too???? Hand held out the window braced on arm rest.

Thanks for interest , Bob
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