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Originally Posted by dthor68 View Post
Going to Moab this week. I should get there Sunday evening and will be leaving Friday morning. I see there is one line going into Moab for a potash plant. From what I understand there is just 1 train a week and it is on Sunday. Lucky me, I will miss it.

Anyone know if there are any locos in wait on sidings or anything train wise that I could take advatage of in Moab area. If I did go up to Crescent Junction how busy is that mainline and any good areas to shoot from?

Thanks for any help.
I was in the area back in March and caught a local heading east around Thompson Springs on a Friday around 6:30 pm (I don't remember the exact time as I don't have the original file on my computer). UP had some engines parked around here:!8i8192
That's the Green River Subdivision between Grand Junction and Helper.

As for the line near Moab, that's the Cane Creek Sub. Last I heard, the Potash local runs once a week on Friday afternoon.
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