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Originally Posted by Grewup on the CW View Post
Looks overexposed on my screen which makes it have the appearance of too much noise/grain. Tone it down and sharpen & lighten the nose just a little and save for next month after its out of the rejection queue.
Yes indeed. I highly suggest taking a hard look at the monitor you are using to edit these images. As I look at your portfolio, the majority of them are overexposed, and not just slightly. They all have the appearance of being 2/3rds of a stop or more overexposed, but with the highlights crushed. The paint jobs on all of the locomotives look faded. They lack contrast. Quite honestly, without even looking at the photographer names among the accepted shots, I can spot yours instantly because of the consistent, look they all have. Having a unique look is not normally a bad thing for a photographer, but this situation will need to be corrected or you will continue to have trouble with the screeners here. The problem with this shot is that it was either overexposed in the camera, or the exposure was jacked up in post.

What camera settings were used in this image and what changes were made in post?

If you cannot calibrate your current monitor, I suggest seeking out something newer and better. Don't go cheap on a monitor. It is every bit as critical as camera gear when it comes to producing great images.

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