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Hunter - I like the shot.

I see where RP would have an issue with it, however. I might not agree as I find myself in similar predicaments trying to include certain aspects of a shot rather then cropping down to a more generic (and perhaps appealing) crop. Catenary poles along the NEC, for instance. In your case, you likely did not want to cut off the cloud formation on the top, nor the pile of lumber to the right. That, however, made your image "top heavy" which is a tough sell on RP. However, I think you can still (even if just for RP) edit the shot without losing the feel. The subject is not centered, nor is it too low - rather - there's just "too much" on the top. Crop the top and some to the right and I think you'll find you still have a shot you can live with which might make the cut on RP.

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