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Originally Posted by B7BBQ View Post
I'm a bit torn on this one. I know the subject is sort of in the center, but it goes across the entire frame. This isn't even one of my favorite shots, so I'm not terribly displeased that it was rejected, but I'd like to try to learn something from it.
In the spirit of learning, for what it is worth here are my reactions right or wrong. I'm only one viewer, others' mileage may vary.

The good news is the lighting is very nice, about as good as it gets, except perhaps for the shadow that hits the lower part of the closest unit. One of the problems with good low light is those darn shadows.

The bad news they said...the composition is awkward. Too much sky, a building sticking out of the top, an uninteresting lumber yard for a background, and an uninteresting angle on the rails in the foreground.

You potentially have a decent roster shot of two units, but nothing else going on in the picture to make it interesting. Whether that makes it one of the best railroad photos on the net, I have no idea.
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