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As for the issue addressed by the screener - cropping /balance, like I said, I could live with it. I'd suggest that you have to shoot a lot of images in order to understand what others are shooting, why they shoot what they shoot and why what they shoot is not always perfect. You have to be out in the field to understand this. You wanted the cloud formation in full and you thought the lumber added to the scene - I agree.

Barring that understanding or compassion - you had a shot that was (understandably) awkward. This however, was fixable without loosing the feel of the scene.

I suggested the image was top heavy - you took my advice and chopped the top, but left the right and ended up with a panoramic shot - something RP never lets on except when they do.

Here was my suggested crop - one I think would solve the issue noted by the screener:

The advice you got above - and typical here in the forums seems accurate, but not so much for admission to RP, but instead, as if it were being judged in a big photo competition where only a handful of images per day would be accepted.

I mean - is it not more appealing then these:

Image © Mike Pierry, Jr.
PhotoID: 495297
Photograph © Mike Pierry, Jr.

Image © BNSF ES44DC
PhotoID: 494943
Photograph © BNSF ES44DC

Image © Frank Orona
PhotoID: 494452
Photograph © Frank Orona

Image © Andrew Crosby
PhotoID: 494193
Photograph © Andrew Crosby

It's all diesel, so I wouldn't know, lol. But my guess is your photo would score more favoriting then some of the ones accepted above.

I agree with John and Brent, however, on an issue not brought up by the screener which makes the shot on the cusp of appealing and that is the shadow on the trucks. I made a quick attempt to make that less an issue with the use of the shadows and highlighting tool, along with some color balance to that area specifically bumping up the yellows and reds.

On a personal note - removing the wires is not acceptable for a site like RP, despite how often it likely happens. This site represents for the most part, reality. Or at least reality enhanced (saturation, shadow recovery, vignetting, ect.). Once you add or remove items you cross the line and should state so - and probably find another site to post that particular shot.
One seemingly acceptable edit that seems to be tolerated and accepted would be the elimination of flash bulbs and stands - somewhat common among night photography shooters. After all, they are only removing what they brought to the scene.

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