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Tastes differ, Mitch. I personally find that "cloud formation" to be hardly worth mentioning, must less fighting to preserve, and I would easily pick 3 of the 4 examples over the OPs shot. And I find that much of the engine set, especially the trailing engine, merges into the background tonally

But the real question, in this subjective world, is whether the screener had any basis on which to show "understanding" or "compassion" (and the latter - "sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others" - is surely not what you meant) and I don't see it here. It's just not a good enough shot to justify stretching the subjective standards that the screener is presumably thinking of.

BTW, OP, I see a strong greenish tinge, both in the ballast and in the lumber and you may want to take a look at Auto Correct or Color Correct and see how a change looks to you. But I'm not a great judge of color ...
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