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Originally Posted by SD70MACMAN
Usually the responce to "what are you doing?", "taking pictures of trains" is the deal breaker. I've never caused problems w/ the police and I dont want to...
I agree. I was standing on a bridge looking down on the tracks, it was mid-winter and had my camera tucked in my coat. As I had gotten my shots, a squad pulled up and two officers got out. Knowing to not leave my explanation at "taking pictures of trains," I pointed out the Minneapolis skyline. One officer said she never would have thought of that, and it was clear that my 20D lent credence to my goal. I offered to show them the photos I had just taken, but they declined. I also offered my license before they asked for it. Before they left, without asking me to move along, the other cop told me I was a suspected jumper.

I also know that there are LEOs who go farther than they should - luckily I have yet to meet one. And taking your card or film is a different from making a teen dump beed down the sewer or taking mace (both of which happened to me more than once).

While I may come off as a lemming with this terrorism stuff, I also want to find a middle ground. Because all the civil liberties don't do me good if I am dead!
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