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Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
Just an observation, and that's all it is.....

The photographers (including the one most recently cited) who are often used as examples of favoritism toward US contributors all appear to have some other things in common. Most of them have been contributing "forever" here, they have been responsible for millions of views on this site......and we never see them complaining about their rejections here.

Just sayin'.....
Hi Kevin,

My recent comment on the foreground clutter makes absolutely no reference to favoritism towards American contributors. I deeply respect the photographer cited in this specific case, as I respect all the other photographers who contribute to this site. My comment would have been exactly the same if the photo had been taken in a country other than the US. I do not complain about my rejections either, but I just wanted to point out how the selection criterias on the part of screeners concerning the foreground clutter are very variable and inconsistent.

Kind regards,
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