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Originally Posted by Moffat Road View Post
Answering your second question is this sentence from the article, “The photographer who pushed the button owns the copyright. A photographer will own that copyright throughout their life and 70 years afterwards.”
After reading the reference material at the link, what I did not see is how a photographer can assign a copyright to another. Perhaps I missed something, but it would seem to me that if someone "owns" something, such as a copyright, they should be able to sell/assign it to someone else, either as a sale or in their will. The reason that's important is to assure the survival of the material once the originator passes. Without such a provision, where would be the incentive to someone to acquire/preserve the work of another who is deceased? Taken to the extreme, the heirs of a deceased photographer would not be able to do anything substantial with that collection....and might be inclined to just pitch it into a dumpster, which I am sure happens with many photo collections.

If Photographer Fred Jones knows his days are numbered, shouldn't he be able to assign/sell/will ownership to someone who will (for the time being) survive, such that permission to use/publish/perpetuate that work is in the custody of someone who is living?

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