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Default Cloudy Rejection

Good afternoon all,

I submitted a photo of Amtrak 100 the other day on it's first revenue round trip on the Springfield Line. The photo (linked here: ) was rejected stating Lighting (Cloudy): Cloudy day shots of common/standard power, so on so forth".

Usually when I receive this kind of rejection, I try and brighten the photo or just scrap the submission all together and accept the loss. I would do the same with this one, but there are only 9 photos of AMTK 100 in the Midnight Blue paint scheme. Out of the 9 photos of this thing in the database, all except 2 were shot in cloudy weather and 3 were taken within the same 20 minute period, on the same day (May 16th, 2021) as my submission, one of which shot literally 50 seconds before I shot mine. Links to those 3 are bellow. The first is the one shot down the street from the location where I took my photo:

Just like the other 3 photos from that day, my photo depicts a location that is unique to the line, displays the locomotive (which I wouldn't consider common power) pretty well and is shot under the exact cloudy weather pattern. Would there be any reason as to why my photo did not make the cut, but the other 3 did? I take screener criticism seriously and even went as far as writing an email similar to this post seeking more detailed criticism but as usual received no response.

Any thoughts?
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