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Originally Posted by Chris Starnes
Thanks Sean. Any Anchorage area photos to share?
'Fraid not man, those photos are reserved for my personal collection. Like I said, my BEST stuff stays private to me, close family only get to see them. And that's only because I process them in the ole digital darkroom where they can see. LOL

Ween, I know what you mean, some of the guys we're bringing into the service nowadays get off on the power trip of holding an M4 in their hands. Flightlines and hangars tend to be pretty sensitive spots, but if you get the aircraft at the runway apron or in mid flight, probably not much to sweat. BUT, as he says, it is hit or miss with some of the skycops.

I forgot to mention, watch out for moose, especially a cow and her calves, we're coming up on the time of year that they're going to be birthing. If you see a cow and calves anywhere near you, shoot pics only from a distance. Cows are VERY PROTECTIVE over their young, and they don't just try to run you off. Anchorage is well known for having moose cruising down main street from time to time. LOL

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