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Originally Posted by Decapod401 View Post
While I'm not interested enough to devote much dedicated time to Amtrak's electrification, I think you would do well to spend a few hours along the northeast corridor. It's not the trolley operation that you seem to think it is. You won't see birds perching in the catenary. While I find the locomotives ugly and the train consists repetitive, standing on a station platform watching a train pass a few feet away at 100+ mph is a pretty humbling experience.

The PRR electrification was just a little out of range and traffic patterns unknown, I wish that I had been able to shoot the PC/early Conrail electric freight service, and I really wish that I had been able to shoot the Milwaukee electrification.

One other note - If you try to chase a train on the NEC, you won't catch it until it's on its return trip.

Humbling is a good descriptive even at 35. Ive been near 60 plus but not a 100, yet. If we could only have back the days we missed.......I grew up in a RR family but never fully appreciated what was right in front of me at the time. I wanted to be a Railroader, studied the books my dad brought home from all his classes. When I hit 19/20, NS happened to be holding a hiring session for the Chesapeake Western. I went and took all their tests and past with flying colors but was never hired. Did this 3 times in a 2/3 year span. Finally my dad had enough and started asking the right questions to the right people and he got an answer as to why they would not hire me.
If I could pause time, I would right now and let you ponder the answer but since I cant......
NS would not hire because I knew too much about Railroading and considered me a "Train Nut"!!! What the heck!

Care to explain more on the NEC? (Wont see it until its on it's way back)

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