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Originally Posted by RobJor View Post
...if you want to do low light photography you have to able increase exposure without affecting headlights, if you can't do that should figure it out.

Toss the Canon, get a Nikon.

As a Canon user, I often use the eyedropper in "Select Color" within Photoshop and click on the headlight. Then in "selections", I'll expand and then fade the selection a bit and then invert the selection. Now the headlight and the vicinity remain unchanged while you edit the rest of the image. Canon DOES have a nice camera feature called "Highlight Priority" which DOES happen to do a good job toning down hot spots. Assume Nikon might as well.

I agree with Loyd - it is a bit soft, but to re-upload, or simply learn a few brightening tips:

Go to "Curves" or "Levels" and click on "options" and then raise the "clip points" which I think default to 0.1 up to .25, .5, .75 or even 1. Basically you are improving the contrast which can make an image look (be) brighter.

Y'know... or bring your Alien Bee's.

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