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Default New Combined NS Forums

Howdy all,

A group of us that run Two popular NS yahoo groups recently made the decision to move away from yahoo and combined the groups in a BBS fourm (much like the RP forums) . The two groups are the NSrailfan group (the largest yahoo group devoted to the NS) and my NS central Div group. If your not a member of either of those groups, I invite you to check the new Board out, register, and participate!

The new board has sections for many topics pertaining to the NS and predecessor roads, and the all important off topic forum that is sure to see many livley BS sessions. The URL is . feel free to check it out and join in! All you have to do is register (same process as this board)

hope to see some of you there!
E.M. Bell, KD4JSL
Salvisa, KY
NS Fourms

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