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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog View Post
That's a popular spot to shoot trains and upload to RP. They probably expect perfect lighting on this spot and I can't say I fault them. The skykine being in shadows takes the shot down a notch or two

I agree with the popular spot objection, I have my own group mostly at night so don't have to worry about where the sun is.
I looked at some others accepted at that location and find none with nose shadowed so I guess the rejection is standard. I have my own there without the nose shadowed and mid afternoon sun but what would be the purpose, so I went with late light. Not to overdo it but long shadows contrast with sun on the power and for me, last light adds tension.

As far as perfect light, 3 in the afternoon.???????

Appreciate your comment, hope others join in and we can revive the forum a bit.

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