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Originally Posted by vcode455 View Post
Was the original heavily tweaked as well? Look at the tree in front of the pilot that goes from 2 branches into one. The same exact tree looks to be inserted just above the headlight, filling out the tree line above the engine. Those trees are missing in the later shot, which probably contains the original tree line. The road paved with grass is a really big tip-off. Makes you wonder what the original image actually looked like.
It's very hard to tell what the original would have looked like and how much even the first shot was edited. Comparing the two posted on RP now, it's very easy to spot the differences (added leaves, added passenger cars, road removed, etc) but without the original, who knows what was edited on the first shot. There is no steam/smoke/fog headlight beam in the second shot but it is in the first one, leading me to believe that was probably an added effect.
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