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Default Concerning Disappearances...

I have noticed a lot of photos, photogs and albums disappearing from the RPN database, most notably the exceptional work of Jean-Marc Frybourg. The most popular album "Would You Believe It?" with over 2.4M views and several others by Jean-Marc have been preserved by "RP Archives" but many others such as "Back-lit Beauties" seemingly have have not been preserved. It seems such a shame it comes to this - actually I'm gutted about it. I'm just a viewer and album keeper here these days so I seem to have missed the circumstances. It does raise doubts about RP ever being archival reliably, or anybody else for that matter. Perhaps there could be a change of rules around this by agreement so that members leaving can't take away their photos published here. In the print world a photographer couldn't demand their photos removed from books or magazines. The photo ID numbers less numbers of photos on the site might reveal how many photos have been removed. Does anybody here have stats?
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