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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
...if I choose to leave then I would certainly want my work removed on the way out.

Loyd L.

I don't understand this concept what so ever. Unless you are "seeking vengeance" on a screener or the site itself, or signed an exclusive contract, or think all your images can be seen for the "first time" somewhere else - why?

It is not all that kind to those that follow you here, or favorited your images, as well. I'm always saddened to see images I've favorited over the years, those I've commented on, no longer visible. I think there was a time when you'd simply see an empty tile, but likely it's simply erased completely these days.

I find it tragic that Jean-Marc's images were deleted. Seemed perhaps a long time coming but also way to sudden. Such a loss for the site, but more so for the hobby, and for the historical knowledge base. No doubt his images can be found elsewhere, but not the the ease and order they could be found here. Considering how much work (and devotion) was put into his effort, I'd be willing to bet Jean-Marc would have and perhaps still would if even possible, consent to keep what was posted in the database.

I believe RP is a great place to be seen, as Kevin notes, but perhaps an even better place to educate, whether it be in the field of photography, or a resource for preservation.

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