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Originally Posted by Decapod401 View Post
I think that the rejection is fairly self-explanatory. Generally, contemporary cloudy-day images that could be repeated in better light tomorrow don't get accepted. Exceptions that get accepted are historical images that can't be repeated and "moody" bad-weather shots.

Your example has very flat lighting and is of a subject that can be accessed on a regular basis, no matter where it was taken. As miningcamper said, there is a little two much tram and too little background, which may also warrant a composition/balance rejection.
Sorry but it was not a cloudy day. The picture was shot during the golden hour with the mild sunlight in front of the tram.
From what I get here, more sunlight is of the essence. Ok.

"Too much tram and too little background" comment is duly noted.

I am not sure I understand what you mean when you say that the subject can be accessed on a regular basis. I believe that material from European rail-urban transport is quite rare on this website. On the contrary, material from US freight transport, of locomotives that look more or less the same but have different livery, is just too common here.

Although accepted shots that may be sub-par are frequently discussed here, they are from photographers who have a body of work that usually meets RP's standards. While I understand your point, I don't agree that lowering the bar is the best way to get new contributors on board. It adds mediocre images to the database, and does nothing to set expectations that the site that purports to have "The best railroad photos on the net" has standards that have to be met.

I never asked for a mediocre picture of mine to be accepted. But on the same principle you would expect mediocre pictures of "established" contributors to be rejected as well.
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